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Authorities’ Use of Big Data May Harm—or Help—Your Chances of Investigation

Attorney Efrem M. Grail shares strategies to help protect your practice in Practical Pain Management this month

As pain practitioners well know, two recent developments – one federal, one state – have combined to increase the risk of providers being investigated for prescribing opioids for their patients. The federal government has formed special task forces to focus on this matter while state governments are increasingly requiring controlled substance prescription reporting by physicians and authorized DEA registrants. Many of the prosecutions arising from these investigations will have merit; some will not. With so much emphasis now placed on diversion, misuse, and abuse, some very well-meaning doctors, who may be less than careful with their documentation or prescribing habits, are bound to be swept up in this ongoing battle against opioids. To avoid becoming a subject of an investigation, now is the time to understand the increased risk and protect your practice.

This is an excerpt from the September 2018 issue of Practical Pain Management. Read the full article here.