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Grail Law Firm’s Client’s Felony Charges Diverted at Pretrial Stage

The Grail Law Firm represented an oral surgeon indicted in Erie, Pennsylvania, on 21 separate counts of health care fraud and making false/fraudulent statements in connection with a health care “benefit” program.  The Indictment alleged that overbilling for health care resulted in over $90,000 in fraudulent receipts. The case began in June, 2014, when federal agents executed a search warrant at the client’s offices.  Our Firm filed numerous substantive motions, including to dismiss the Indictment and to suppress all evidence seized during the execution of the search warrant.

Following a petition to the local United States Attorney’s Office, and follow up discussions there, the Justice Department consented to Pretrial Diversion, whereby the defendant was placed on probation for a twelve-month period and required to pay just over $21,500 in restitution.  Under Western District of Pennsylvania protocol, our Client was not required to admit to any of the conduct or counts alleged in the Indictment, or to suffer a criminal conviction as a result.

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